EAM’s Sri Lanka Visit: Addressing Economic Challenges and Strengthening Ties

The Indian External Affairs Minister visited Sri Lanka (19-20 January) and had a series of meetings with various government officials and leaders. The visit included discussions on cooperation in areas such as infrastructure, connectivity, energy, industry, and health. The minister conveyed India’s commitment to increase investment flows to Sri Lanka to hasten its economic recovery and looked forward to further discussions with the leadership. During the visit, the minister also joined the President of Sri Lanka in inaugurating various projects, including the Kandyan Dance Academy, which emphasized the deep and abiding friendship between India and Sri Lanka.

Additionally, the minister met with the Prime Minister, the leader of the opposition, the Minister of Fisheries, and the Minister of Transport. Furthermore, the minister symbolically handed over buses to Lanka Ashok Leyland as part of a larger project to supply 500 buses to the Sri Lanka Transport Board with Indian support. He also interacted with the business community of Sri Lanka, discussed the importance of economic growth, and emphasized creating a more investment-friendly environment.

Lastly, the minister called on the former President and discussed the current challenges faced by Sri Lanka and India’s strong support in this hour of need.

During his meeting with the President of Sri Lanka, EAM emphasized India’s commitment to Sri Lanka’s economic recovery. He stated that India did not wait for other bilateral creditors, but rather decided to “do what is right” for Sri Lanka’s economic recovery. India extended financing assurances to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to clear the way for Sri Lanka to move forward and take proactive steps to facilitate its recovery. The minister also highlighted India’s commitment to increase investment flows to Sri Lanka to hasten its economic recovery and looked forward to further discussions with the leadership.

EAM’s meeting with the President of Sri Lanka, Ranil Wickremesinghe is significant given the current economic circumstances of Sri Lanka and India’s support at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Sri Lanka’s economy has been struggling in recent years, with high levels of debt and a balance of payments crisis. As stated by the minister, India’s commitment to increase investment flows to Sri Lanka could help to hasten the country’s economic recovery. Additionally, India’s backing at the IMF could provide further financial assistance to Sri Lanka in addressing its economic challenges.

The minister’s meeting with the Minister of Fisheries is also noteworthy as India and Sri Lanka frequently have tensions over fishing and fishermen crossing Indian waters. The two countries have a history of disputes over fishing rights in the Palk Bay region, which has led to arrests and seizures of boats from both sides.

The minister’s emphasis on cooperation on fisheries and a humanitarian approach, as stated in his tweet, suggests a desire to address and resolve these issues. This could potentially lead to a more peaceful and mutually beneficial relationship between India and Sri Lanka in terms of fishing and marine resource management.

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