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Editorial Team

The team behind The Kootneeti, India’s only dedicated Publisher on International Relations & Diplomacy in print, iPad and online.

Editor-in-Chief & Founding Editor

Amrita Dhillon

Amrita Dhillon is a Political Analyst, Public Speaker Associated with Think Tanks around the globe. As one of the founders of The Kootneeti, her work has appeared in publications including the Russian State media Sputnik, Swiss Media Arret Sur Info, The US-based Foreign Policy Magazine, Indian National Dailies as well as Pakistani & Bangladeshi newspapers.

She’s also an Honourary Analyst at Buenos Aires-based Equilibrium Global and Bucharest-based Defense Romania.

Profiles: LinkedIn || Twitter

Akshat Verma

Associate Editor – India-Pakistan-China Relations

Abhinav Kaushal

Associate Editor – Latin America & Spain

K. Parthasarthy

Associate Editor – U.S. and North America

Melanie Romaro

Analyst – U.S. & China


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Editorial Advisory Board – Consulting Editors

An Editorial Advisory Board, made up of well-known figures in the Policymaking & Diplomacy, help ensure The Kootneeti stays abreast of the latest ideas and thinking. Current members are:

Amit Sinha | LinkedIn Profile  | Twitter Profile

Consulting Editor on Middle-East & UN Affairs

Vinod Subramanian | LinkedIn Profile | Twitter Profile

Consulting Editor on Indian Foreign Policy and Soft Diplomacy

María Emilia Burgos | LinkedIn Profile | Twitter Profile

Consulting Editor on Climate Change and SDGs

Paromita Das Gupta | LinkedIn Profile

Consulting Editor on Colonial History, War & Peacetime

Amal Sinha | LinkedIn Profile | Twitter Profile

Consulting Editor on China & Geoeconomics

Jyotsna Mehra | LinkedIn Profile | Twitter Profile

Consulting Editor on Indo-pacific & Geopolitics

Editorial Policies – Read here