UNSC rejects demand by the US to impose “snapback” sanctions on Iran

President Donald Trump said back on Wednesday that he would demand of the United Nations to impose all the sanctions of the supranational organisation on Iran. It is believed that this could end the nuclear deal from which Unirwithdrew back in 2018. However, UNSC refused to comply.

UNSC President refuses to impose sanctions on Iran

On Thursday following President Trump’s announcement the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo travelled to New York to meet several UN officials to inform them of President Trump’s decision. Pompeo said in an interview with Fox News earlier that he will meet the United Nations Security Council President and after the Secretary-General Antonio Guterres gives his assent, within 30 days sanctions will be imposed on Iran. He even said that once the sanctions are in place once again the world would be a safe place to live in. However, to the surprise of the United States, the President of the UNSC said that UNSC was not in a position to impose sanctions on Iran.

 Indonesian UN Ambassador Dian Triansyah Djani, whose country is chairing the UNSC seat for the month of August in a rotary manner said on Tuesday in reply to a question by Russia and China in a council meeting. The move by UNSC President invited criticism from the United States. US ambassador to the United Nations accused the countries who opposed the move as supporting the terrorists. US ambassador Kelly Craft said that it is very clear that the Trump administration will stand alone with limited members on this issue.

China Coronavirus Information: Pompeo
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

The US demands reimposition of sanctions on Iran

It is not clear as to whether this statement made by UNSC President would immediately bring an end to the USA’s bid to impose sanctions on Iran. Russian ambassador to UN Vassily Nebenzia said that he hoped the US will drop its decision to impose sanctions on Iran which is not only crippling but also seem to have not achieved the ends. Mike Pompeo had said last week that US is looking forward to the imposed sanctions on Iran as Iran is said to have violated the nuclear trade deal between the US and six other major powers that was endorsed by UNSC.

 Back on Friday 13, United Nations Security Council members had expressed opposition to the move by the United Nations arguing that there is no sum and substance to the deal as  Trump administration had already backed out from the deal back in 2018. On 14th August, United Nations Security Council had already rejected the demand by the United States to impose an arms embargo on Iran once again when it expires in October.

Image source: New York Post

Iran says that is ready to talk to the US if it returns to the deal

The President of Iran Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that Tehran is willing to talk to the US if it apologizes and returns back to the deal between the two countries that dates back to 2015. President Rouhani told reporters that it is a defeat of the United States and its policy to apply maximum pressure on Iran through variegated means. He was replying in response to a statement by President Trump that there are chances that the US could reach a deal with Iran if he is elected for the second term in November.

 President Rouhani expected that the US policy on Iran would change after the US presidential elections scheduled for 3rd November 2020. There were reports that neither does China or Iran want President Trump to be elected for a second term because both the countries found him to be too unpredictable. Iran already had to face the brunt of crippling economic sanctions that was imposed on it by the United States. Iran is facing the worst recession partially because of the COVID-19 outbreak and also because of the sanctions. To add to the United States trouble China had already taken the first step to finalize a deal with Iran which will see an increase in Chinese investment in the Iranian economy. US policy on Iran doesn’t seem to be working especially in lieu of the recent developments.

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