Important Technological Innovations and Their Impact

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This modern age is characterized by many crucial technological innovations that have shaped not only different industries, affected our daily lives, but also had a huge impact on global sustainability goals. Here we take a closer look at some of the main technological breakthroughs, the future possibilities, and their main impact.

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Mobile Devices

The increased usage of smartphones has, without a doubt, a huge impact on many different sectors, from the gaming sector to the communication sector. In the gaming industry, mobile devices have made it possible for over 2.4 billion mobile gamers to play their favourite games online, while in India, this number will reach 370 million users by 2022. On the other hand, playing casino games online on prominent sites like has attracted an even bigger audience thanks to mobile devices.

Members access a huge pool of quality slots, baccarat, roulette, and other casino games in many variations on their smartphone, anytime that’s convenient for them. Also, sports betting has increased popularity online, on sites like NetBet, players can place their bets on various sporting events like cricket, football, rugby, and other matches.

Overall, mobile devices have opened a window of opportunities for many other businesses, and it’s expected the number of smartphone users to rise to 2.87 billion by the end of this year on a global level. This is precisely why so many organizations like WHO and Women’s Human Rights have developed apps to bring the latest information and resources to users.

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Electric Vehicles

Due to many technological innovations, there has been a greater demand for electric vehicles worldwide, as they are valued as eco-friendly vehicles of the future. Although they aren’t widely used, still a lot more governments are have made investments in eclectic vehicles in their public transports. For example, in China, there are over 300,000 electric buses. In India, there were also government initiatives to increase the number of electric vehicles in public transport, which resulted in over 5,000 electric buses distributed in various Indian cities.

5G Network

This is the new global cellular wireless standard that will create greater connectivity, faster download speeds, among other benefits. This technology will certainly change the way businesses operate, with many expected benefits for companies in the entrainment industry, IT, and the gaming industry. Currently, 5G networks are still being deployed in different countries around the world, also in India, there’s a plan to test 5G networks.

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3-D Printing

This technology is recognized for producing less waste, and a product is built layer by layer.  Hence, it’s a greener alternative to traditional manufacturing methods like laser cutting, for example. 3-D Printing is still in its developing stages but has found different applications in creating customized jewellery pieces and accessories, while metal 3D printing technologies have been used to repair military equipment.

However, 3-D printing has found a great implementation in medicine. It has been used for the production of models of organs and tissues, hearing aids, surgical implants, prosthetics, among other benefits. The pharmaceutical industry also can be used for research regarding drug dosage and customization of medical products. 3-D Printing is also available in India, and Indians can now purchase 3-D printers and scanners for their personal use, and they are also many businesses that offer 3-D printing services like prototyping, for instance.


These technologies have undoubtedly changed a lot of sectors and indirectly or directly have influenced our daily lives. Today there are many technological advancements that have a lot of potentials to change the world for the better. It’s up to the governments and also businesses and individuals to support organizations that make these efforts.

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