The sacrifice won’t go in vain, Says Prime Minister and Army

In his first public comment since the clash between the armies of India and China in Ladakh, resulting in 20 Indian fatalities, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the sovereignty and integrity of the nation is paramount and no one should be in doubt about India’s resolve to defend it.

“We want peace but we are capable of giving a befitting response whenever provoked,” said PM Modi in Hindi. 

He made these comments in his opening remarks in his meeting with the chief ministers of the states and administrators of union territories. The meeting is also being attended by Home Minister Amit Shah and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

PM Modi said, “Sacrifice and resilience is part of our national character but so is strength and valour. I assure the nation that our soldiers’ sacrifice will not go in vain. Sovereignty and integrity of our nation is paramount for us and no one can prevent us from defending it. No one should be in doubt about it.  India wants peace but India is capable of giving a befitting response when provoked. The nation should be proud that our brave soldiers went down in a fight.”

Emphasising that the government believes in cordial relations and not in provocations, he said, “We have always worked with our neighbours with cooperation in a friendly manner. We have always wished for their development and prosperity. Whenever  there are differences, we have always made efforts that these differences don’t turn into disputes. We never provoke anyone but we don’t make a compromise with our sovereignty and integrity either.”

“Whenever time has called for it, we have shown our strength and resolve to preserve our sovereignty and integrity. We have proved our capabilities,” PM Modi added.

The Prime Minister’s Office has also called an all-party meeting on Friday, 19 June, to discuss the ongoing situation  in Ladakh in light of the recent clash.

Following PM Modi’s comments, the Indian Army also issued a statement that said: “General MM Naravane and all ranks salute the supreme sacrifice of our valiant soldiers at Galwan. We offer deepest condolences to the families and stand strong in our resolve towards protecting the sovereignty and integrity of our country. Their sacrifices will not go in vain.”

One may note that “their sacrifices will not go in vain” is in line with PM Modi’s comments.

Earlier in the day, after reviewing the situation with the three service chiefs and the Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had paid tributes to the fallen Indian Army personnel

He had tweeted, “The loss of soldiers in Galwan is deeply disturbing and painful. Our soldiers displayed exemplary courage and valour in the line of duty and sacrificed their lives in the highest traditions of the Indian Army.

“The nation will never forget their bravery and sacrifice. My heart goes out to the families of the fallen soldiers. The Nation stands shoulder to shoulder with them in this difficult hour. We are proud of the bravery and courage of India’s bravehearts.”

It has also been learnt that the Indian and Chinese foreign ministers have had a telephonic conversation. Quoting the Chinese foreign ministry, Ananth Krishnan reported that Foreign Minister Wang Yi told Indian Foreign  Minister Dr S Jaishankar that India crossed the Line of Actual Control and provoked the attack. As per Krishnan, the Chinese foreign minister called it a “risky act” of the Indian Army and asked India “to thoroughly investigate and punish those responsible”.

The Chinese government’s mouthpiece Global Times quoted their Foreign Minister Wang Yi as telling Indian Foreign Minister Dr S Jaishankar, “China urged India to investigate the clash incident in the border region on Monday, punish those responsible, and restrain its military forces in the region to prevent any provocative actions.

“India must make sure similar incidents as that on Monday do not happen again. India must also not miscalculate the current situation, and not underestimate China’s determination to safeguard its sovereignty and territory.”

Moreover, the Chinese have continued to make claims over the Galwan Valley. News agency ANI quoted their Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian as saying, “The sovereignty of the Galwan Valley area has always belonged to China. The Indian border troops flip-flopped and seriously violated our border protocols on border-related issues and the consensus of our commander level talks.”

This is a developing story and further details will be reported as and when they are learnt of.

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