COVID-19: The Pandemic in Pakistan

Worshipers entering the Memon Mosque in Karachi, Pakistan, on Sunday. The mosque remained open during a three-day lockdown of the city/Image: NY Times

The crisis which the world is facing is proving to be disastrous and hurt wrenching. Taking birth in the city of Wuhan (China) has now surrounded the whole world and has spread to almost 166 countries in the world. According to a rough estimate, the virus is the world’s second pandemic after the Black Death pandemic (1347 C.E.) that has infected a sizeable population of the world. In the midst of this economic, social and political crisis, the question that struck the mind of every intellectual is that why the world is still short of any vaccine or satisfying cure for this pandemic.

The unrestrained outspread of COVID-19 has hurt the world fiercely. The reason behind this is that the preliminary cautions that were required to be taken out were doomed. Despite the nimble spread of the virus the world, especially the peripheral states have failed awfully. It was Paramount that every country should have gone for a complete lockdown. In the case of Pakistan the Prime minister Imran khan relied upon the argument, that in case of going for a complete lockdown, economic crises will erupt in an already economically depressed country. This argument of Prime Minister is nothing more than a junk. In this menacing situation, it was more appropriate for the world to act like North Korea and follow the follow footsteps of Pyongyang to keep their people safe from the victimization of this virus. The world should be aware that it is the silence before the storm. The current scenario of the world truly illustrates the filthy face of capitalism. If you are staying home, you will ultimately die of unemployment and poverty. If you are going for work your life is at risk because of coronavirus.

Price of Face masks skyrocketed in Pakistan as Coronavirus panic looms/ Getty Images

The Doctrine of Militarization and Weaponization has failed drastically, realizing the world the fact that hospitals and ventilators were more important than tanks and cantonments. The positive aspect of coronavirus is that it has acted alike for democracies and Autocracies. Pandemics don’t discriminate by geography, race, ethnicity and Human identity.

Despite all the pre-emptive measures the world is in the midst of fear and uncertainty. Disney, which was famous for its magic has lost its beauty and Paris is no longer romantic. Even the great wall of China is not serving as a Natural barrier. In the blink of an eye, the world realized that we have been put back to our place by the hands of the universe.

To tackle this pandemic, the world and Humanity is in dire need of cure either in the shape of vaccine or some other satisfying medicine. Another question that arises in the mind is that why Europe is the Jaggery of this virus? Despite being the most developed and influential in technology, health care, militarily and economically, this virus has swiftly spread across Europe. Italy, Spain and now the USA has been the victims of virus and thousands of people snapping into the mouth of death every day. There is not if complete but partial lockdown all over Europe to stop this rapid outspread of the virus. In these circumstances, the American car production company has stopped manufacturing cars and is busy in the making of ventilators. While countries around the world roll out emergency measures to tackle the pandemic and about 50 million people restricted to homes and in quarantine, few are looking for what the post-pandemic world will look like? As the world is observing a slight change in the ozone layer due to the blocking of industries and humans restricted to their homes, people are assuming how the pandemic will affect the world politics and Economy?

Deserted streets in Pakistan amid Coronavirus fear/ Image: Dawn

No doubt the virus has cramped people to their homes and markets, industries, roads abandoned but looking things from optimistic eyesight, one can imagine a bright, charming and caring world after this pandemic ends. Once this virus diminishes, the world will be a safer place to usher in. The people will cheer and dance to the tunes and beats of unity. Every corner of the world will live a new life. Everyone will forget the deceased ones and start a new life of joy and happiness.

So, in order to achieve this fruitful and happy life once again, everyone needs to fight this virus. Everyone should keep social distancing and act as a responsible citizen. To avoid this poisonous virus we need to act rationally rather than acting emotionally.

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Hidayat Ullah

Hidayat Ullah is an undergraduate student at the Department of History, Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan

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