Israel MFA trolled Rouhani on his Birthday Instagram Post

Photoshopped Image posted by ISrael MFA

Israel and Iran occupy a portion in the daily headlines due to their rivalry since the Iranian revolution. Both the countries never spare a chance to criticise each other, whether it’s a global forum like the United Nations or at virtual ground.

This time on the occasion of his 71st Birthday, Israeli Foreign Ministry didn’t spare the chance to meme-fy Iranian President’s Birthday. on November 13. President Rouhani was returning from Kermen and Yazd. And posted 3 Photos on his Instagram account.

Rouhani, well known for his missiles threats to Israel, was attended over the social media platform, twitter in a meme-fied manner by the Israeli agency. Israel MFA tweeted the photoshopped version of the image, with the caption, “We know what he’s wishing for”

Israeli agency replaced the candles with Nuclear missiles and since then it is catching eyes of Twitteratis all across the globe. Interestingly, few of the comments were made by Israeli officials too, including Dan Poraz, Deputy Spokesman at Israel MFA, who said, “How come cake’s not yellow?”

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