Formalizing India – China ties through Informal meetings

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Chinese President Xi Jinping/ HT

Last year in April when the first time an informal meet was organized between the two leaders at Wuhan made the world curious. This time also many others are earnestly watching more than the two nations themselves. The second informal meeting is being organized at Chennai city of India.

It is hoped that this second meeting will provide an opportunity for both the leaders to continue their discussions on overreaching issues of bilateral, regional and global importance. It is also important as to exchange views on deepening India – China closer development partnership.

The informal meets are not expected to come up with major agreements. We can say it is the way to understand each other more closely. Moreover, this will be a time when the two countries will sideline their differences for a while.

This visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping also become special as it marks a gap up 63 years when any top Chinese leadership visited the World Heritage site of India famous for its rock-cut structures. Mamallapuram is regarded as the city of Mamalla or Narsinghvarman – I (630 – 668) CE of Pallava dynasty.

The relations between both nations have been turbulent as many factors have shaped the long journey of hate and cooperation. The opportunity to grab the east and emerge as a superpower has been let both of them into our cutting edge competition. Border disputes are also a major concern. The Doklam strife cannot be forgotten where both the nations made it a question of their prestige.

China, however, has changed its approach a little bit when it comes to Pakistan. Previously it created a lot of trouble to India by openly supporting the wrongdoings of India’s western neighbour. But recent changes have shown that it has diluted its approach. This could be seen at the time of Balakot strike and abrogation of Article 370 from the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

This is a very high time when both nations have to think about the future of Asia. The bond must be strong so that outside intervening winds can be avoided from creating the turmoil situation. The relationship could be maintained by these gestures as the hit will be destructible to both.

Many areas which have been neglected are required to be taken care with each other’s support. India also needs to focus on it’s economy and must stand itself in this area to play a constructive role in shaping new world order.

India may got a safe room due to the catfight between the US and China but in the longer run, India’s self strength have to be strong enough to rise up in the unfavourable conditions.

Wuhan Spirit was an attempt to articulate some norms that could serve as a renewed set of guidelines to policymakers of both the countries for simultaneous emergence of India and China. Both agreed on importance of respecting each others sensitive concerns and aspirations.

But the full-fledged blueprint was not made up at this summit. This time at Mamallapuram further step is to be taken to build up the highway so that Wuhan Spirit could roll out with greater speed.

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