Indian Minister to inaugurate 17th World Sanskrit Conference in Vancouver

16th World Sanskrit Conference Organized by International Association of Sanskrit Studies, Thailand & Sanskrit Study Centre, Silpakorn University, Bangkok | Image: ICCR

Indian Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar will inaugurate the 17th World Sanskrit Conference to be held at Vancouver, Canada from 9th July to 13th July 2018.

More than 500 scholars and delegates from over 40 countries will be participating in this conference and exchange their knowledge by presenting papers on various subjects followed by discussions from amongst the members.

There will be a special panel discussion on over a dozen topics like; History & Education of Women in Vedic Literature; Sanskrit Buddhist Manuscripts; Mimamsa Beyond the Yagasala; The Yuktidipika Forging a Place for Sankhya; Introducing Bhagavata Purana Commentaries; Research on the Gargiyajyotisa. Over 500 papers on various themes are likely to be presented during the 5-day conference. The purpose of this conference is to promote, preserve and practice the Sanskrit language all over the world by the people. The World Sanskrit Conference is being held in various countries across the globe once in every three years and so far it has been held thrice in India.

Besides the Minister, 10 scholars and two officers are part of the Indian delegation participating in the 17th World Sanskrit Conference.

The World Sanskrit conference is an international conference organised at various locations globally. It has been held in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The Delhi International Sanskrit Conference of 1972 is considered to be the first World Sanskrit Conference.

The first World Sanskrit Conference was held in Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi, India between 26–31 March 1972. Thereafter, conferences have been held as follows:

  • Torino, Italy, in June 1975
  • Paris, France, between 20–25 June 1977
  • Weimar, German Democratic Republic, between 23–30 May 1979
  • Varanasi, India in 1981.
  • Philadelphia, United States, in 1984
  • Leiden, Netherlands, in 1987
  • Vienna, Austria; 27 August–2 September 1990
  • Melbourne, Australia, in January 1994
  • Banglore, India, in January 1997
  • Turin, Italy, in April 2000
  • Helsinki, Finland, in July 2003
  • Edinburgh, United Kingdom, in July 2006
  • Kyoto, Japan, from 1 to 6 September 2009
  • New Delhi, India from 5 to 10 January 2012
  • Bangkok, Thailand from 28 June to 2 July 2015


Source: PIB

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