#SanctionPakistan: Time for Pakistan to stop proxy wars and funds for the Taliban

When the peace process was initiated by the United States, a glimmer of hope for normalcy was anticipated. The war-torn country was finally expected to reinstate itself in the global platform with models for development and increased social parameters, but it faces a stark contrast today with the menace the Taliban has caused especially after the decision of the withdrawal of the US troops was mentioned. The Taliban has gone all out capturing major provincial capitals of the country, claiming lives and displacing millions from their homes. It is not a new piece of news for terrorism to grow on Afghan soil, given how the Taliban has folded and unfolded in the previous decades. But as the battle between the Government of Afghanistan and the Taliban intensifies, a third party has entered the picture.

To address the elephant in the room and not beating around the bush, Afghanistan’s very own neighbourhood that is Pakistan has always been deemed to be orchestrating terrorism in the region. The country with a FATF listing has never ceased funding these terrorist groups and continued to extend support to these groups. A similar story follows up with the Taliban and now the people of Afghanistan have started with an online campaign using #sanctionpakistan.

The hashtag has set a new trend on the social media platform drawing the attention of top diplomats, government officials and even civilians. But what and why #sanctionpakistan now? The people in Afghanistan and those who had been monitoring the situation there called out Pakistan for starting a proxy war against Afghanistan by using the Taliban to destroy the peace and stability of the country. Over time the Afghan’s Foreign Minister had conveyed his discontent on Pakistan’s sustained and persistent support to the Taliban and other terror organizations by protecting and providing them with a safe haven.

The #sanctionpakistan tweet has come to highlight an epitome of ending invasion, proxy war and certainly terrorism. The hashtag has drawn the attention of people from across the globe calling upon international organizations to serve justice to the people of Afghanistan and end the plight being caused to them.

Pakistani officials have reverted stating that it is state propaganda being used by the government to stop the country from involving in the matter. But to speak of propaganda, it is clear to the world how underground mechanisms for money laundering to fund these extremist groups operate. Right from training the Taliban to providing manpower to them, Pakistan is all over the place. Earlier this week, when India had organized a crucial meeting on Afghanistan at the UNSC, Afghan’s UN envoy Ghulam Isaczai mentioned geographical maps and videos which showcases Pakistan’s efforts in training the Taliban and creating havoc for the people in Afghanistan. Reports of a surge in the Taliban’s fundraising has been reported over time with control being moderated from cantonments in Quetta and Peshawar.

With the unending crisis in Afghanistan, the #sanctionpakistan is continuing to attract people under it, but the question that remains unaddressed is how prompt would the UN and other organizations be to investigate Pakistan’s lucid ways of supporting the Taliban. Despite several meetings and talks being held on it, no resolution so far has been drafted, let alone be adopted. The #sanctionpakistan could become a game-changer in this long-drawn battle, but it would require an expeditious investigation. The world now waits for Pakistan to stop these proxy wars and peace and tranquillity to be returned to Afghan soil.  

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Arijita Sinha Roy

Arijita Sinha Roy is a former Associate Editor at The Kootneeti.

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