India opts balanced approach in UNSC meet on Myanmar Political crisis

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The recent military coup in Myanmar has shattered the democratic process in the region. The military has illegitimately detained the National icon of Myanmar and Stalwart leader of National League for Democracy party’s -Aung San Suu Kyi and other elected officials. The Burmese military termed the November 2020 2nd General elections as null and void quoting the election as fraud. The aghast move has triggered anxiety and suspicions among the democratic nations who have condemned the Military usurpation of power and called out Burmese military to peacefully undo the changes.

India, one of the closest and robust neighbours in the South Asian region has raised its concern over the instability and fragility in Myanmar’s Politics. On the emergency UNSC virtual meeting organised on Tuesday with the UK holding the presidency, consensus was built for removing the State of emergency and restoring democratic norms. New Delhi adopted a balanced approach which is considered as constructive one to maintain the process of peaceful transition of power through democratic means thereby upholding people’s will. The Ministry of External Affairs expressed its deep concern over the recent developments in Myanmar “India has always been steadfast in its support to the process of democratic transition in Myanmar. We believe that the rule of law and the democratic process must be upheld. We are monitoring the situation closely,” stated an MEA statement. While a plethora of nations has flaked, Tatmadaw’s act to tumble democracy, India has abstained from making any scurrilous statement which may jeopardize its relations with Myanmar.

Tweet on Myanmar Coup by UN Political and Peacebuilding Affairs

Analysts opine that India would continue to safeguard its investment and development projects in Myanmar irrespective of the “person” in power. The Swiss diplomat Christine Burgner, Special UN envoy to Myanmar, urged the member states to unite and act robustly in response to the military dictatorship in Myanmar and ensure the restoration of Democracy in the state. She mentioned, “I strongly condemn the recent steps taken by the military and urge all of you to collectively send a clear signal in support of democracy in Myanmar.”  Drawing inferences from the November 2020 General elections which resulted in 82% vote share to the NLD Party, she underscored the mandate and reiterated that Will of the people must be respected and criticized the Military’s proposal to conduct fresh elections.

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However, the 15 members UNSC council failed to pass the joint statement drafted by Britain after resistance made by UN ambassadors from China and Russia as both the countries required adequate time to draw their inferences. While there is massive outrage against Tatmadaw across the world, China and Russia remained reticent on the issue, where China termed the military coup as mere “cabinet reshuffle”. UN spokesperson Stephan Dujarric said “what is important is that International community speak with one voice.” The world leaders need to unanimously pool in their power to mettle out the grave Political crisis in Myanmar, which would restore the faith in democratic values.

At this point in time, we must ensure the protection of people of Myanmar and their fundamental rights. We must do everything from violence to breaking out” concluded US envoy to Myanmar Schraner Burgner in the UNSC meeting.

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