Brainstorming Defence and National Security for the upcoming decade…

COVINTS : National Security and Defence Conclave, 28-30 January 2021

India’s interests and power continue to grow exponentially in the global setting. In this context, the growing interests continue to be guided by an increasing need to safeguard national interests at home and abroad. In the emergent strategic environment, threats have continued to be diverse, multi-faceted and lately faceless and borderless. The ability of new-age threats to connive with internal elements to cause harm to the nation’s national security remains another dimension paramount to understand.

India’s diverse geography as well as cultural and societal linkages to its neighbouring countries often produces key challenges in the borderlands of the country. The ability to safeguard borders physically as well as through other means forms a key part of securing the country. At the same time, it is important to note the need to conduct key foreign policy initiatives that play an important part of the National security conduct by a state. The ability of a nation-state to deploy all the various toolkits including military and diplomacy to achieve a holistic objective for the country to progress. The task of any government in power is to employ all its elements of power for the furtherance of its national interests in this regard.

Emerging transnational and new-age threats have often come to define the future challenges facing national security interests of the state and its populace. The impact of these threats coupled with the existing and consistent challenges will have a key impact on guaranteeing the safety and stability of India. Hence there is a great need to develop a synergy and balance between the working of the domestic institutions in the country along with a strong military and defence infrastructure backed by sound foreign policy apparatus. This will ensure even development and effective deployment of requisite capabilities to develop India’s national security requirements. 

The three-day virtual National Security and Defence Conclave organised by COVINTS aim to understand the ongoing debates in Security and Defence sectors and its implications for India’s National Security. While India’s security situation on its physical borders remains key to solving the geopolitical puzzle and challenges arising therefrom, the rise in a multitude of threats from different vectors broaden the scope of national security challenges and require a new approach in analysing the threats. The conclave will provide an up-to-date understanding and brainstorming from the best and most eminent experts in the field by fusing the on-ground understanding with new techniques and logical understandings. The conclave also provides special virtual pages with the leading Indian defence companies and promotes the vision of India’s becoming a leading defence producer and exporter and unleashing its inherent potential of being a leading player in the field. The product expo gives great scope for external stakeholders in assessing India’s defence potential. 

The Defence sector has been identified as one of the most important sectors under the ‘Make in India’ program. Through its financial incentives and evolving policies, the Government of India is striving to make India one of the world’s leading destination in terms of capital acquisition, manufacturing or technology development in Defence. Therefore opportunities and facilities for investments in Indian Defence Ecosystem are on the rise.

For the students and aspiring young professionals in International Relations and Defence Studies, this 3-day event would provide a platform to interact with some of the eminent defence industry representatives in India’s evolving defence ecosystem, along with the networking opportunities with some of the leading stakeholders in India’s Defence Sector. It will prove helpful in developing a holistic understanding of the Indian defence sector for the upcoming decade.

Objectives of the Conclave:

  1. Brainstorm and develop a key understanding on the contemporary challenges to India’s National Security.
  2. Develop a unique and customised framework in assessing and addressing India’s national security and defence preparedness.
  3. Promote and develop India’s domestic defence industry.
  4. Help bridge interested stakeholders to identify opportunities in India’s defence sector.
  5. Analyse challenges in addressing gaps in strategic decision making and intelligence sectors.
  6. Networking and Building connect with National and Foreign Defence Stakeholders.

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