COVID-19 and the plight of Children across the Globe

Whenever there is a major set back in any existing social system, the worst sufferers are the children. Whether it be a war or a pandemic, nothing is different. Lives of millions of children was affected at the time of World War I and II, it got impacted every time when there was aggression. There are no boundaries when it comes to these innocent minds. They can be anywhere, in any part of the globe. This corona crisis has again forced children all across the borders to suffer from a trauma that is both physical and mental.

We may have Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that talks about protecting the lives of children. We may have UNICEF like institutions, but today, these have just turned into the structures of cement in the front of this global pandemic. All the SDG just like some points inked on the paper, which creates a illusion to safeguard a global lie which confirms the protection of the children on this planet.

All over the world, schools are closed due to the lockdown and the fear of infection. This is leaving to huge loss of studies. However, there are new ways to study has been created by taking help of the technology. Various video calling applications are being in use to interact with the children. But, does it really fill the gap of the school? Schools have a proper structure in which children find themselves comfortable. There is a proper schedule of study time and playtime. School is place where children meet the like-minded other children and learn new things by doing and seeing them practically. This learning helps them to realise the true self and this cannot be replaced by any online learning app.

All parks and playgrounds are closed down. We as elders also feel suffocated at some point of time, just imagine they are not able to feel the fresh air. Childhood is the time one need to play and run. Think about the pain of children who have any sport as a hobby. They are in home due to our mistakes. For many there may a possibility to go on the roof and see the blue sky but what about those who are living in the high rise building. What about those children who are separated from there parents because they are in the essential services. We have pushed them to a breaking point.

Children are the most susceptible to change. In Asian countries, pain and suffering are even bigger. Here the children are being attacked by hunger. The hunger caused due to the loss of the job of their parents. The migrant labourers and the daily wage workers lost their earnings. They were forced to walk hundreds of kilometre and they are accompanied by their children barefoot. This hunger is making them malnourished, their growth is impacted. At the time when children needs a good balanced diet, they are forced to survive on a one time meal, if provide by someone. There is a shortage of milk due to which small children have to bear a lot.

Those children who are living in houses with their parents have also certain issues. The anger and frustration of the pandemic and lockdown are turning into violence. This violence is attacking innocent minds. They don’t have anyone to talk. They can’t share their plight to anyone. They are the worst victims and this will really be going to impact their future of them and nations as well.

When this all will end we need to focus on how thing will everything will be on track and how to compensate the loss happened. We have to provide them special care so that it becomes easy for them to come out of this trauma. They are very sensitive, we need to appreciate their courage and recognise their will power by which they fought with this battle. There are various messages and videos circulating on the web in which children are telling about the benefits of social distancing and lockdown. They are really true corona warriors. As elders, we need to ensure that this never happens to future generations.

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