India rejects Resolution on CAB Adopted by Pakistan’s National Assembly

Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi in a press release rejected the Resolution adopted by Pakistan’s National Assembly on India’s Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) calling it a matter which is entirely the internal affairs of India.

The MEA statement called this Pakistani move as a ‘thinly-veiled attempt’ to further its false narrative on the issue of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.

The statement lashes-out Pakistan by saying that this move ‘seeks to provide justification for Pakistan’s unrelenting support for cross-border terrorist activities in India.’ The press release added New Delhi is ‘confident that such attempts will fail.’

The MEA statement further added that the “Resolution passed by Pakistan’s National Assembly is a poorly disguised effort to divert attention from Pakistan’s appalling treatment and persecution of its own religious minorities.” It said, “The demographics of these minorities, whether Hindu, Christian, Sikh or other faiths, in Pakistan, speak for themselves.”

New Delhi blasted the Pakistani Assembly of intentionally mischaracterizing the objectives of the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019. And further explained that “This Act gives citizenship to foreigners from selected countries who are persecuted religious minorities. It does not take away the citizenship of any Indian irrespective of her or his faith.”

It also called this move “laughable that the National Assembly of Pakistan that has itself passed discriminatory legislation against religious minorities should point fingers at others.”

It called “Pakistan to engage in serious self-introspection rather than to falsely accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of.”

Concluding with a reminder note it added — “Pakistan would do well to remember that India is the world’s largest democracy, that all its Governments have been freely and fairly elected through the universal adult franchise, and that all Indians irrespective of faith enjoy equal rights under the Constitution. We urge Pakistan to similarly aspire to these ideals.”

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