Brussels Meet: Another Somali attempt towards Peace and Political Development

Farmajo arriving in Brussel for the International meet: Garowe Online

Somalia, a country located in the ‘horn of Africa’ has been a subject of concern in the 21st Century due to the nation’s failed attempts in delivering peace, restoring the faith of humanity among its citizens and provide the people with a sense of security and stabilization.

The United Kingdom held an international conference in 2017, whereupon the event was attended by the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and the important objective was to build a response on the ongoing drought and humanitarian crisis. The event ended on a note of building partnerships which would work to deliver the assistance over a period of 4 years. Following this conference, President Farmajo Abdullahi arranged another Somali Partnerships Meet to gain support from World leaders in achieving a dream for the nation, which seems to be distant now. A delegation from the Somali Federal Government along with European Union Foreign Minister Federica Magherini kick-started the event on Monday in Brussels, Belgium. The two-day forum which strives to discuss on matters concerning the country’s political development, economic recovery and humanitarian issues have attracted many international investors, financial institutions (The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund) and NGOs. The forum had representatives from all its regions, except Somaliland which established itself as an independent state in 1991. Another very striking agenda of the forum was to deliberate upon the role of women in establishing the long peace in the country. The London conference’s developmental reports were presented and the destiny of Somalia in the upcoming 2020 polls was predicted. The Brussels meet also comes across a midfield to ascertain the relations between Somalia and Jubaland.

The country went under attack two days prior to the forum as a midday attack began close to the presidential palace killing 6 civilians. The United States Military have expressed its concern.


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