In Pictures: PM Modi on an Informal Summit with President Xi Jinping at Wuhan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping held their first Informal Summit in Wuhan on April 27-28, 2018, to exchange views on overarching issues of bilateral and global importance, and to elaborate their respective visions and priorities for national development in the context of the current and future international situation.

With a warm handshake, Modi-Jinping historic bonhomie grabs eyeballs all across the world.

Here is a collection of pictures compiled from the official social media handles

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping held an unprecedented informal summit on Friday to “solidify” the India-China relationship.

On arriving in Wuhan province on Thursday, the Prime Minister had held discussions with Xi for nearly two hours on the first day of their “informal summit”.


According to the museum, Marquis Yi of Zeng was the king of a vassal state 2,400 years ago. The era of Marquis Yi of Zeng, both leaders were told, was a little later than that of Confucius, and was contemporary with the later period of Mahajanapada Age of India

After a one-on-one meeting, the two leaders took a tour of the Exhibition of Marquis Yi of Zeng Cultural Relics and Treasure, which were unearthed in Suizhou City, Hubei province, in 1978.

Modi presented Xi with reprints of two paintings of celebrated Chinese painter Xu Beihong (1895-1953) during his stay at Santiniketan during 1939-40.

Modi’s meeting and dinner later at the East Lake guest house lasted for over two hours. Officials said Xi walked right up to Modi’s car to see him off after the dinner.

PM Modi tweeted ” Productive discussions over tea. Strong India-China friendship is beneficial for the people of our nations and the entire world.”

Both the leaders having tea and discussions

The talks with President Xi Jinping focused on diverse areas of India-China cooperation. We discussed ways to give impetus to our economic ties as well as people-to-people relations. Other areas we spoke about include agriculture, technology, energy, and tourism.

Both leaders went a memorable boat ride on the beautiful East Lake, which is a prized landmark of Wuhan.

Both leaders continued their deliberations this morning. Here are some pictures from the walk along Wuhan’s East Lake. We discussed multiple aspects of bilateral ties between our nations.

Modi and Xi viewed antique Chinese artefacts and exchanged views on boosting dialogue between their two ancient civilisations, and on how to live together peacefully, China’s state news agency Xinhua said.

The ‘heart-to-heart’ summit in Wuhan – the favourite holiday spot of revolutionary Chinese leader Mao Zedong – is being seen as an effort by India and China to rebuild trust and improve ties that were hit by the 73-day-long Doklam standoff last year.

The Modi-Xi one-on-one talks were followed by delegation-level interaction with six top officials each from both sides took part, giving an impression that some of the critical issues were on the table for discussion.

The talks between the two leaders on the first day ended with dinner diplomacy. Xi hosted a banquet in honour of PM Modi at the famous East lake. Xi in a gesture of warmth and friendship walked with Modi to the car to see him off.

PM Modi offered to host the next informal summit with Xi Jinping in India next year. Xi said they can meet in a format like this from time to time.

The talks between the two leaders on the first day ended with dinner diplomacy. Xi hosted a banquet in honour of Modi at the famous East lake. Xi in a gesture of warmth and friendship walked with Modi to the car to see him off.

PM Modi who arrived in the central Chinese city early on Friday for the summit began talks soon after Xi received him with a warm shake hand and hosted a grand welcoming ceremony for him at the Hubei Provincial Museum here. PM Modi was welcomed with a classical Chinese dance opera performance.

The menu card designed for the private lunch hosted for PM Modi in Wuhan has colors of Indian flag, along with the picture of national bird peacock. President Xi Jinping paid personal attention to small details: Source-ANI

The two leaders highly assessed the opportunity for direct, free and candid exchange of views offered by the Informal Summit and agreed on the utility of holding more such dialogues in the future. The forward-looking dialogue raised the level of strategic communication about the perspective, priorities and vision that guide their respective policy choices domestically, regionally and globally.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday left for the central Chinese city of Wuhan for a two-day-long informal summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping which is expected to improve bilateral ties.

This is a developing story. Stay updated for more pictures and details.

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