Baku Declaration 2018 | Reflecting unity of the third world countries

About 800 delegates from 120 countries reflected in the Baku Declaration the commitment of the Non-Aligned Countries Movement (NAM) with the Palestinian cause, rejected the interference in internal affairs and the use of threat and force for pursuing political ends.

Foreign ministers of India, Turkey, Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, Palestine, Ecuador, as well as President of the UN General Assembly Miroslav Lajčák also attended the Summit.

Indian Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj noted that an effective multicultural approach is needed to tackle global problems such as nuclear security and terrorism. Also, she spoke about the relevance of Non-Alignment Movement in the New World Order.

The aforementioned declaration is part of the conclusions of the NAM ministerial meeting, held since last Tuesday in this capital, along with the ‘Final Document’ and special statements such as the one dedicated to Palestine.

“We condemn the illegal policy practiced by Israel against the Palestinian people, including the construction and expansion of Jewish settlements in the occupied territories”, stressed the document.

We call for a collective effort to put an end to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian peoples since 1967, including East Jerusalem, according to and with full respect for international law, the text highlights.

The Baku document calls for greater regional and international efforts to achieve a lasting, comprehensive and just peace in the Middle East.

It also condemns all measures applied by Israel, including the occupation and creation of Jewish settlements to introduce demographic and physical changes in the Syrian Golan Heights.

In that sense, called on Tel Aviv to comply with resolutions 478 of the UN Security Council, of 198 |, which demands the withdrawal of the Zionist troops to the limits established before June 4, 1967, and resolutions 242 and 338 related to that topic.

The declaration reaffirms its determination to maintain opposition to any partial or total attempt to violate the national unity or territorial integrity of the states, as well as to respect national sovereignty.

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The NAM document ratifies the Non-Aligned Movement commitment with solidarity against acts of terrorism in all its forms, manifestations, regardless of who perpetrated them.

The declaration ratifies the intention to continue efforts to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons and to support the creation of a zone free of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East.


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Source: Cadena Agramonte, MEA India Twitter
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