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Explainer: Protests in Peru – What Sparked the Outrage?

Peru is currently experiencing widespread political unrest following the ousting of former president Pedro Castillo and the subsequent swearing in of Vice President Dina Boluarte. Protests have erupted across the country, with protesters demanding Boluarte’s resignation and early elections. The events have been driven by the anger and frustration of Peruvians who feel neglected by their political institutions and are united in their rejection of the widely unpopular congress. The situation in Peru highlights the country’s broken political system and the growing divide between the powerful capital, Lima, and the rest of the country.

Venezuelan refugee crisis and how it is altering the surrounding regions

However, these are not the last of the Venezuelans’ problems; the nations to whom the refugees sought to escape to are closing their doors on their faces – literally. Sunday saw Ecuador closing border crossings with Colombia to people who don’t have passports. This was seen as a certain way to reduce the bulk of refugees from entering other countries as passports are fairly difficult to obtain amidst the economic and political chaos.