Launch of the NIAS-KAS Conflict Annual 2023 and the report on “Why Conflicts Continue”

On 27 March 2023, the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore (NIAS) in collaboration with the IndiaOffice of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) launched the “NIAS-KAS Conflict Annual 2023” and the workshop report on “Why Conflicts Continue.”

Prof. Dr. Suba Chandran, Dean at the School of Conflict and Security Studies, NIAS and Ms. Apoorva Sudhakar, Research Associate at NIAS, provided an overview of the two publications. The release of the NIAS-KAS Conflict Annual 2023 and the report “Why Conflicts Continue” are two achievements of the NIAS-KAS collaboration under the International Peace Research Initiative (IPRI) within the School of Conflict and Security Studies at NIAS, Bangalore.

Image source: KAS India

The release was followed by a discussion by Dr. Indrani Talukdar, Faculty at the Sushma Swaraj Institute of Foreign Service and Dr. Nancy Pathak, Assistant Professor at Lady Shri Ram College. 

The NIAS-KAS Conflict Annual 2023 is a compilation of essays, commentaries and focus notes from around the world during the calendar year 2022 and comprise of conflict analyses while delving into multi-dimensional causes and effects from historical as well as contemporary perspectives.  The report on “Why Conflicts Continue” is a collection of essays presented by young scholars at a Young-IPRI workshop held at Pondicherry University in November 2022. The essays by the young authors look at a wide array of contemporary conflicts ranging from the regional to the national to the transnational – such as environmental conflicts. through multiple prisms and attempt to answer the question ‘Why Conflicts Continue?’

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