Former Russian President Medvedev threatens nuclear response against US military aid

According to recent statements made by former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, the provision of advanced weaponry by the United States to Ukraine will lead to further retaliatory strikes from Russia, possibly even escalating to a nuclear response. This assertion was made in an interview with journalist Nadana Fridrikhson, in which Fridrikhson asked whether the use of longer-range weapons by Ukraine could prompt Russia to negotiate with Kyiv. However, Medvedev’s response was that the result would be the opposite.

Medvedev, who now serves as the deputy chairman of the Security Council and is known for his hawkish stance on the conflict in Ukraine, went on to dismiss the idea as the work of “moral freaks” in the White House and Capitol. The Pentagon recently announced that a new rocket with a range that would double Ukraine’s strike capability was included in a $2.175 billion U.S. military aid package.

As the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine approaches on February 24, Russian forces have been on the defensive for the past eight months, failing to fully control any of the four Ukrainian provinces that Moscow has declared as part of Russia. Meanwhile, President Vladimir Putin has characterized Russia’s actions in Ukraine as a necessary defence against an aggressive West and has made repeated threats of a nuclear response, stating that all available means will be used to protect the country and its people.

In response to the potential use of these weapons by Ukraine, Medvedev stated that Russia does not set any limits and is prepared to use any type of weapon, including nuclear, in accordance with its doctrinal documents and nuclear deterrence fundamentals. He assured me that any response would be quick, tough, and convincing. According to Russia’s nuclear doctrine, a nuclear strike is acceptable in the event of an attack on a country with conventional weapons that threatens the very existence of the state.

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