[Book Launch] India and UN Peacekeeping: Through the Prism of Time

On the sidelines of the Seminar in the facility of USI of India, New Delhi; a book on ‘India and UN Peacekeeping: Through the prism of Time’ was released by Mr Jean Pierre Lacroix, Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations, United Nations.

The book has been edited by Maj Gen PK Goswami, VSM, retd. Deputy Director, USI of India. The book is a compilation of various articles published in the USI Journal since 1953. The articles relate to India’s contribution to UN Peacekeeping.

The articles in this compendium, related to India’s contribution to UN Peacekeeping, are reproduced as were originally published in the past issues of the USI Journal and other USI publications.

The articles shed light on various topics pertaining to the evolution and expansion of India’s contribution to UNPKO over the span of 70 years. Book has reflections of authors on UN peacekeeping missions in Korea, Congo, Yugoslavia, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and Eritrea, and Sudan; but most valuable are the compilation of talks by Mr Kofi Annan, the then UN Secretary-General, and Mr Lakhdar Brahimi, former Foreign Minister, Algeria and head of Brahimi Panel Report, delivered at the USI of India in 2001. These articles reflect the opinions of the authors at the age and time that they lived and not that of either the editor or the USI.

The book has published these in their original form. The book is timely as the UN itself is going through a testing time and its main instrument of Peace and Security through the UN peacekeeping operations is under many discussions. These writings act as a reflection on the thought process and are context specific of those times. The book also sheds light on the evolution of India’s participation in the UN Peacekeeping operations for the last 70 years.

From left; Maj. Gen. P K Goswami [Author and Deputy Director at USI], Pernilla Rydén [Director at Challenges Forum], Lt. Gen. M Fernandez, VSM, [Director General, Directorate of Staff duties at Indian Army], Jean Pierre Lacroix, [Under Secretary General for Peace Operations, United Nations], Maj. Gen. BK Sharma [Director at USI]

The USI of India was founded in 1870 to further interest and knowledge in the Art, Science, and literature of National Security in general and defence services in particular. The USI of India organised a Seminar on the Future of peacekeeping in partnership with Challenges Forum, Sweden on 06 and 07Oct 2022.

KW Publishers, New Delhi have published the book.  

You can order this book on the KW publisher’s website. || Click here to order on Amazon

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