China again denying claims of genocide in Xinjiang, as UNHRC calls for visits

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The human rights indignation in Xinjiang province has been a matter of concern and controversy for years now. China’s so-called rehabilitation facilities are nothing, but concentration camps to marginalize the Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province. Over time, China and its political systems have been accused of genocide over the treatment meted out to the Uighurs and how it has denied as well as defied all standards of protecting human rights. A similar counter was given by China in the 47th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

China’s crackdown on democratic Hong Kong was also another significant agenda that was picked up by the council. Michelle Bachelet, Commissioner of the Human Rights Council expressed her apprehensions on the present situation in Xinjiang province. She said, “I continue to discuss with China modalities for a visit, including meaningful access, to the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and hope this can be achieved this year, particularly as reports of serious human rights violations continue to emerge.” Countries in the West and down the pacific have time and again warned China about the consequences of the genocide it is committing. The US even warned of imposing sanctions but no improvements in the fate of the Uighur Muslims have been noticed so far. Apart from her statement, Bachelet also added about the visit that the Council might make to monitor the whereabouts of the Uighur Muslims.

She added that the implementation of the National Security Law in ‘autonomous’ Hong Kong is another factor that indicates the policies being advocated by the Chinese Communist Party. There have been major crackdowns and various democratic institution’s functions have either been curtailed or completely removed under the new law. The media has been the outright bearer of the law.

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Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Zhao Lijian shared remarks after the statements came from the UNHRC. He added that everyone is welcomed in China for a ‘friendly visit’ which could further allow in garnering bilateral relations. He further added that any sort of pressure or ‘probe’ in the internal matters of China must not be made. “This visit should be a friendly visit to promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation rather than to pursue a so-called investigation with the presumption of guilt”, he mentioned. The State Media Global Times as a reaction to the statements and circulation of the UNHRC session reported that over 90 countries have come out to support China in the council. Calling it an anti-China campaign, the media further exaggerated how that the situation in Xinjiang province is nothing but rumours being made as part of propaganda stimulated and packaged by the West.

As the blame game continues between China and the West over human rights violation and possible genocide, there seems no actual progress on the conditions of the Uighur Muslims who continue to struggle between keeping alive their ethnicity and protecting themselves in those ‘rehabilitation’ centres.

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