Disturbance in America after the death of George Floyd

The United States, most affected by the Corona crisis, has been facing another crisis since the last days. Minneapolis is largely a troubled state in the US after the death of a black man, and according to experts, it is the first time since the assassination of Martin Luther King that black people exist so extensively in their rights and wealthy societies have come on the streets against inequality. What is at the root of this anger?

Thousands of people are demonstrating on the streets of America, there are demonstrations on the streets, neither they are afraid of coronavirus nor police bullets. Such demonstrations have been taking place in parts of America for 7 consecutive days, protests begin in the police attack in Minneapolis weeks ago, after the death of a black man named George Floyd. Protesters also gathered in front of the White House in Washington, and police also had to use tear gas. An information discipline is extremely fragile and dangerous in America.

A large crowd of angry people has gathered outside the White House, due to which there came a time when intelligence service officials took President Donald Trump to the underground bunker. During several demonstration last few days, Demonstrators also tried to hang up the wall, and many people did not agree to the curfew that was imposed during the night. After President Trump was underground, his likely Democratic opponent in the presidential election Joe Biden posted his picture on Twitter in which he was present at the place of demonstration and write that “ We are a nation in pain right, but we must not allow this pain to destroy us. As President, I will help lead this conversation—and more importantly. I will listen, just as I did today visit the site of last night’s protest in Wilmington.”

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Many of the demonstrations started in Minneapolis a week ago were peaceful, but at a time came when protesters and National Guard officers came face to face after George Floyd was arrested on the street in Minneapolis, and after that, he pleaded for help. After the condition created, the most uneventful phase of the recent history of America is in front, the white police officer who was seen kneeling the head of Floyd’s neck will appear in court next week, Police officer Derek Chauvin was charged with murder charges. The search for the 3 officers involved in Floyd’s arrest is still on, and the demand for action against them is also intensifying, with President Trump describing these demonstrations as domestic extremism and the hand of left-wing anarchy groups behind it, but here There are also people who believe that this is an important campaign for the struggle to end drug abuse, and they will not be listened to without violence. The President told the state administration to deploy the National Guard in the cities where violence Gone out of control. This crisis has deepened so much that the President is constantly being asked to give a message to the nation.

Protests against the death of George Floyd in the US continued even for the sixth day. Protests have spread to nearly 75 cities by the end of the week, curfew and disturbance between police and demonstrator have placed in dozens of cities like as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and in Los Angeles. In spite of this, the protests were set on fire by police vehicles, looting has been done in many cities of America.

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George Floyd is not the first African-American to have died in this condition. It is the line of resurgence emerging in American society and the Black Lives Matters campaign has emerged.

Now many celebrities and artists have also come forward and expressed displeasure over the death of George Floyd, saying that they are all with black people. the famous singers Beyoncé and Rihanna have also supported #BlackOutTuesday, which is getting trends.

This is the election year for the President, and he is currently surrounded on the triple front, there are challenges to deal with the coronavirus on one side, the economy is in trouble and on the third side such protests. Those who have come out on the road People are asking how long the incidents on this side will continue before 1-2 incidents have happened there. Here is a database of the Washington police shooting, which has been said that in the last four and a half years there have been about 4400 such incidents in which people have died in police shootings, and in the database it has been said that in the last about 4-5 years, almost 3 people die every day in police incidents and the number of black people who die is just proportionate, that is 13% of their population is in America and those who are dying are more than 25%. Another report said that the last year 1099 people died in police shootings in America, so people are asking that After all, how long such incidents will continue to happen.

The problem that is happening with this can also be seen with history. Right now the US government is looking through the safety glasses to deal with this situation and is insisting on how to stop this demonstration, there is no consideration for prosecuting the policemen.

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