Trump-Bolsonaro meet: What to expect

US President Trump had a meeting with the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro and had a common bond over their conservative and populist politics which made Trump his promise to provide support to Brazil with more global ambitions.

Jair Bolsonaro is a Brazilian Politician and a retired Military Officer serving as the 38th President of Brazil also serving the country’s Chamber of Deputies representing the state of Rio de Janeiro, now a member of the country’s Conservative Party.

Trump in his meeting with Bolsonaro said that he would designate Brazil as a major non-NATO ally and maybe now he would support campaigns which could make Brazil a NATO ally. On the other hand, Bolsonaro said that he likes Trump and the way he had and still changing the US and in that way, he also wants to change Brazil to a better country.

He further brought some of the common ideals that Brazil and the US believe in, that both the countries respect liberty, respect for the traditional family, both of them fear God who is the original creator of all living beings, against gender identity, political correctness and fake news.

Besides, both the leaders rejected Socialism and have extended friendliness to only Liberal Democratic Principles.

Both the leaders have also shown their friendship by exchanging their names in both the country’s soccer jerseys with Trump’s name in Brazil’s jersey and Bolsonaro’s name in USA’s jersey. Besides, Trump also appreciated Bolsonaro’s son, Eduardo, a Congressman as he wore a hat which had trump’s name while his visit to Washington last year.

Both the leading leaders of the Western Hemisphere encouraged exchange in trade in their visits and promised to reduce the barriers. They both signed agreements on the exchange of agricultural products and the export of beef and pork to Brazil and Brazil’s fresh beef to America. Bolsonaro is highly tensed about the United States’ trade war with China and said that he would visit China later this year. Trump also said that he supports Brazil’s effort to join the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), a club of wealthier nations of best prices on economic policy.

However, some critics have argued that there are some selfish motives of the US. They say that the US has in return asked Brazil to give up some benefits at the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Talking about Brazil’s part in NATO would access Trump to talk to a lot of people which would increase his popularity in different countries.

Nobody really knows what is around the leaders’ minds, but they shared a good relation, besides some good steps for the improvement of their countries.

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