John Mccain Funeral Politics: Trump offers a loose condolense

Image: LA Times

John McCain was an American Senator from the state of Arizona until his death on 25th August 2018. He was the opposition from the Republican against Barack Obama in the US Presidential Election 2008. He was also a veteran fighter in the Vietnam War where he had a near death experience. During the Operation Rolling Thunder in 1967, he was captured and retained in Northern Vietnam. After he got released and upon returning to the US, he entered the US Senate representing the state of Arizona.

McCain has always represented a conservative ideology in terms of politics and always had this will to take a stand for what seemed right and just in his opinions, even if that meant to go against his own party members. The traditions and principles of McCain made him a world-wide political figure which helped the US with the Vietnam and Iraqi War. Prior, to being a senator he was a part of the US Navy as well as flew aircraft, which gave him the rank of a four-star admiral. After losing the 2008 Presidential elections he had always made sure that his voice was heard, and he lashed out Obama’s Presidentship on grounds of the Afghanistan War claiming that it was ‘winnable’. The health care plans under his leadership were very clear and distinct. However, Donald Trump and McCain never really got together and it is quite baffling as both of these political figures have always been questioned about their ‘personality.’ The President has not been allowed to attend the funeral and as per a report, only McCain had chosen Barack Obama and George W. Bush to ‘eulogize’ him. McCain always considered Trump’s behaviour to be very demeaning and unethical in the American sense.

Trump just posted a tweet thanking McCain for his contribution in the US politics. The American Flag was stationed at half-staff following the death of McCain and on Monday it was at full-staff. Trump made a comment that he didn’t like people who were captured, reported by the HuffPost.


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