Trump threatens to re-start military exercises with S Korea if talks fail

Washington US President Donald Trump today defended his decision to stop military exercises with South Korea, saying such “war games” were “provocative and expensive” but threatened to re-start them if talks with North Korea break down.

Trump in a series of tweets claimed that it was his idea to stop the “war games” during the summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

“Holding back the war games during the negotiations was my request because they are VERY EXPENSIVE and set a bad light during a good faith negotiation. Also, quite provocative, he said.

“Can start up immediately if talks break down, which I hope will not happen!” Trump tweeted.

In a series of tweets, Trump slammed the “Fake News” for claiming he gave so much to North Korea just by meeting with the country’s leader last week in Singapore.

Funny how the Fake News, in a coordinated effort with each other, likes to say I have so much to North Korea because I met. That’s because that’s all they have to disparage! he tweeted.

Trump claimed that the meeting brought peace to the world.

We got so much for peace in the world, & more are being added in finals. Even got our hostages/remains!” he said.

“The denuclearisation deal with North Korea is being praised and celebrated all over Asia, said the US president.

“They are so happy! Over here, in our country, some people would rather see this historic deal fail than give Trump a win, even if it does save potentially millions & millions of lives! Trump tweeted.


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