British-Pakistani activist abducted, released

Gul Bukhari has been critical of the army

British-Pakistani activist Gul Bukhari, who is known for her criticism of Pakistan’s military, was briefly abducted late on Tuesday by unknown men in Lahore, her family said.

Gul Bukhari

Bukhari, 52, was detained for several hours by unknown men one day after the military held a press conference warning that it is monitoring citizens who criticise Pakistan.

She was on her way to a television news station in Lahore where she was due to appear as an analyst on a late night show when she was stopped, said her husband Ali Nadir.

“She left around 10.40 p.m. for Waqt News but was apparently picked up on the way. It seems to be plain-clothes people but we don’t have any more info,” he said. He later confirmed that she had been freed.

Sources at Waqt News said the kidnapping had taken place inside an army-controlled part of the city. Bukhari released a statement hours after being released, thanking friends and colleagues for their support during the ordeal.

“I would like to express my deep gratitude… I am well and would request privacy at this stage,” read the statement.

Source: AFP

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