Benjamin Netanyahu’s state visit to India: A twitter timeline of Israeli PM

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on his 6-days state visit to India in India, becoming the second Israeli prime minister to visit New Delhi since the two countries established diplomatic relations in 1992.

In a move described by the Indian foreign ministry as a “departure from protocol”, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi received Netanyahu at the Delhi airport on Sunday.

It is Netanyahu’s first official trip to the South Asian country.

In the series of tweets by Indian Prime Minister and his Israeli part sums all this visit contrasting the areas of Defence, security, trade and agriculture cooperation which will be high on the agenda, as Israel looks to cement closer ties with the South Asian giant who is the biggest buyer of Israeli Defence Equipment.

Looking at the twitter timeline by the Israeli Prime Minister and his office:

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu ahead of his travel termed India as a global power and highlighted his agenda in a tweet

For the ‘Friend’ from the Middle East, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi breaking the diplomatic code reaches to the airport to welcome Israel’s first family

Netanyahu joining himself into the pool of a large fan base of Modi retweeted the Indian Prime Minister’s greetings #SalomNamaste to Israel and Israel’s first family. 

Prime Minister of Israel expressed his happiness by tweeting in Hindi about this meaningful gesture by the Indian Prime Minister

Both the state leaders honoured the fallen Indian martyrs of WW1 who liberated the city of Haifa in Israel from the 400 years of Ottoman rule, and also renamed the Tin Murti chowk in India as Tin Murtti-Haifa chowk

Continuing ahead Israeli PM tweeted 

Netanyahu tweeted his heartwarming meeting with the EAM Sushma Swaraj and describes his visit to India as a historic and also stated it as important for the State of Israel to develop close relations with the one of the world’s major powers — India, in areas of economics, trade, security and agricultural cooperation

PM Netanyahu expressed need of cooperation in fighting with the radical Islamic Jihad

Israeli Prime Minister retweeted his warm reception by the Israeli Diplomats at the Embassy of Israel in New Delhi

In a bonhomie gesture, Indian Prime Minister hosted his Friends over the Dinner at his official residence, adding taste to the soft diplomatic colours of India


Day 2

Israeli Prime Minister started his day by participating in the honorary welcome ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhawan

With this heartwarming gesture, media get more snapshots of the personal bonhomie between both the leaders


Later from Rashtrapati Bhawan both the leaders moved to pay their tributes to the Rastrapita Mahatma Gandhi

In their Joint statement both, the leaders shared common agenda of multi-sectoral development and strengthening bilateral ties between two natural allies

In the joint statement, Israeli Prime Minister said:

“We are seizing the future so we can make a better life for our peoples and for others around the world. Our commitment to do so is reflected in the manifold agreements that we sign today in cyber, in aviation, in energy, even in cinema”


Meeting with the President of the Republic of India PM Netanyahu discussed special relationship and the strengthened ties that are finding expression in the current visit


Later PM Netanyahu bashed the Palestinians attempts for refusal to a peaceful solution over the border issues


Both the Prime Ministers met again to conclude their Day 2 with a Business delegation summit in which the two leaders announced the launch of a joint R&D fund dedicated to innovation and cooperation



Also, in his statement PM Netanyahu said he was thrilled about the film production agreement, stating,

“My wife and I are very happy that we are going to Bollywood.”

The Israeli PM is accompanied by his wife Sara on a six-day tour to India, during which they will visit the Taj Mahal and also Mumbai where they will meet Bollywood celebrities.

Mr Netanyahu, only the second Israeli PM to visit India and the first since Ariel Sharon in 2003, pitched India-Israel cooperation in technology saying,

“Israel is a fountainhead of innovation; India has enormous talent…In Israel, we achieve more with less, more crops with less water, more energy with less money.”

The Israeli Prime Minister also offered to do yoga with Mr Modi, saying,

“Anytime you want to do a yoga class with me, it’s a big stretch, but I’ll be there.”

No mention was made of India joining 127 other countries to vote in the United Nations General Assembly in favour of a resolution opposing the recent decision of US President Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Ahead of his visit, Mr Netanyahu described the relationship between the two countries as a “marriage made in heaven,” and said that even though his country is “disappointed” by India’s vote, “this visit is a testimony that our relationship is moving on so many fronts forward.”

Just before Mr Netanyahu’s visit, India called off a deal to buy 8,000 anti-tank guided missiles from Israel’s state-owned defence contractor Rafael. The Indian Army and the government are reportedly discussing ways to revive the $500 million order, which was scrapped when the state-run Defence Research and Development Organisation offered to build similar missiles locally.



More of the report is yet to be written based on his upcoming days in India.



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This report is compiled by The Kootneeti Team with special credits to the twitter account of the Israeli Prime Minister.

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