The Main Trends in YouTube Content During the Covid Era

Changes in society and culture over the past two years have also had a noticeable impact on YouTube. Illustrative examples are the distribution of content in the style of slow living and the growing interest in the release of a virtual product. 

Google analysts have studied YouTube content to understand what trends may persist in the future. 

The main conclusion, perhaps, is this: video content becomes indispensable in the lives of users, it unites them. Doesn’t matter if you’re interested in ऑनलाइन कसीनो गेम्स इंडिया, makeup tutorials or design, YouTube will find the right content for you.

Now let’s see what the main trends are. 

1. Live broadcasts and joint viewing create a sense of community

During quarantine and self-isolation, many began to watch videos on the Internet.

85% of respondents have watched live broadcasts over the past 12 months, such as weddings on the Korean channel Wootso and the broadcast of the landing of the NASA Perseverance rover:

The musicians also attracted a large number of viewers by holding online concerts․ 

For example, Brazilian singer Marilia Mendonca performed right in her living room, and this broadcast had 3.3 million viewers․ 

“With me” videos have collected more than 2 billion views in 2020. The authors propose to clean the apartment together, decorate it and study. A closely connected union of viewers is being created around this content.

2. Viewers are looking for videos they can share

Over the past two years, our homes have turned into offices, virtual schools and kindergartens. The clear line between public and private life has been erased. People felt that they were less interested in social demands and started looking for light content from their favorite authors.

The evening talk shows adapted to the conditions of the pandemic, and many stars became famous on YouTube. 

The Daily Show satirical program scored 45% more views on YouTube than in 2019.

Indian comedian Samay Raina has started live broadcasts for chess fans, vlogs for different audiences. 

3. Videos with the “immersion” effect also create a sense of community

The concept of “first person” was borrowed from games, where it helps to create the effect of “immersion” in the action.

One example is Dream SMP (Minecraft Hamilton). This is an RPG game server with an improvised script from non-professional authors. 

Videos about Minecraft called Dream SMP have collected more than 1 billion views since May 2020. This is one of the most popular entertainment formats in the past year.

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