The time to shine at UNSC is here: Presidency of the council allotted to India

India has taken over the Presidency in the United Nations Security Council from France and the term has begun on the 2nd of August. The Presidency of the UNSC also marks the first time a non-permanent member of the council has taken charge. India resumed its non-permanent membership tenure at the beginning of this year and this tenure has been evaluated to be extremely crucial for India, as it might set a new order for global politics. The previous presidency of the UNSC for the month of July was allotted to France and with India presiding for the month of August, it will produce a glimmer of hope for not only the country but the other non-permanent members of the UNSC to push and pin agendas that could be detrimental in terms of geopolitics and security.

Ambassador S Tirumurti, the permanent representative of India at the United Nations called upon a press conference to discuss the agendas that India will be taking up for the course of this month. The highlighted points in India’s presidency at the council will focus on three key areas: maritime security, peacekeeping and counter-terrorism. Aspects of counter-terrorism are crucial for India given the rising tensions in Afghanistan has sent out signals of distress. Ambassador Tirumurit in the press conference mentioned that any changes in the politics of Afghanistan are going to have a direct impact on India and that the dynamic situation over there is being constantly monitored. He mentioned, “We cannot have terrorist camps going back to Afghanistan, it will have a direct impact on India.”

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Even with regards to Pakistan, which has been a major irritant in terms of counter-terrorism, the Ambassador stressed how it is significant for both India and Pakistan to engage in a talk in a ‘conducive atmosphere.’ Ambassador Tirumurti rebutted questions on abrogation of Article 370 and the Kashmir issue saying that Kashmir is an “inalienable” part of India’s territory and any change towards the status quo won’t be accepted. He further added, “If there needs to be change in status, it is the vacation of PoK.”

The Presidency of India at the UNSC has received a warm welcome. The Russian Ambassador to India tweeted about the exemplary agendas picked up by India and how this will result in an efficient and cooperative engagement in the council. Ambassador of France to India, Emmanuel Lenain too tweeted on how India and France will be maintaining a close relation on issues relating to maritime security and peacekeeping.

Although the presidency is set for a month, India’s time to shine at the UNSC is here and must take this platform to manoeuvre the pending agendas to actual implementation and realization.  

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