Afghanistan forces kill 50 Taliban terrorists

Afghanistan Defence Force/ Image source: NYT

More than 50 Taliban terrorists were killed and a few others endured severe injuries in operations conducted the Afghanistan forces, the country’s Defence Ministry said on Thursday.

The operations were directed in the areas of Kandahar, Helmand, Sarpul and Faryab. Talking with Twitter, the Afghan Defence Minstry reported that the nation’s forces directed a strike in Sozma-Qala region of Sarpul region the previous evening, killing eight Taliban terrorists and injuring 11 others on Wednesday night. In the interim, 10 Talibans were killed and 8 others were injured after Afghanistan Air Force (AAF) “directed their stronghold in Qaisar locale of Faryab province” on Wednesday night. “27 Taliban terrorists including 2 of their commanders were executed in Nawa, Nahre-Saraj and Gamseer regions of Helmand area because of ANDSF (Afghan National Defense and Security Forces) restrictions. Also, a portion of their vehicles and weapons were obliterated by ANA (Afghan National Army) “, the Ministry tweeted.

In Kandahar region on Wednesday the previous evening, six Taliban terrorists were killed and six others were injured during the ANDSF operations in Arghandabad region. “6 Taliban terrorists were executed and 6 injured during #ANDSF tasks in Arghandabad region of Kandahar region the previous evening. Also, 2 strongholds and countless amount of their weapons and ammo were obliterated,” the service tweeted.

As of late, Afghanistan has seen a sharp ascent in violence. The nation’s powers have dispatched assaults on Taliban refuges and killed several terrorists as of late. Information from the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission shows that in 2020, more than 2,000 individuals were murdered in occurrences, for which nobody claimed responsibility, as indicated by TOLO news.

 Also, the US-Taliban deal, signed in Doha a year ago in February that requires the full withdrawal of U.S. powers from Afghanistan by the end of May, has brought about an increment of violence. The civilians of Afghanistan have expressed that the Taliban attacks will increase at an alarming rate, after the U.S. troops have withdrawn completely.

Even as the peace talks have commenced in Doha, the Taliban leaders have been conspicuous by their absence from the round meetings. Islamabad insists that it is “assuming a positive part and its initiative is focused on assisting Afghans with finding a solution” through talks.

Image source: Khama Press

An Afghan authority disclosed to Al Jazeera “the board individuals are in Qatar and others are showing up as the discussions continue”. “We are prepared a lot for the discussions, there is no deferral from [us] and no new recommendations have been passed on to us,” Taliban representative Mohammad Naeem disclosed to Al Jazeera. Those near the discussions said the need to keep moving from one or the other side to discover shared conviction, diminish brutality and push ahead is by all accounts missing in the current round of arrangements.

The explanation behind an absence of desperation in the proceeding with talks is being credited to the adjustment in the US organization drove by President-elect Joe Biden and their strategy on Afghanistan. Biden will acquire a circumstance where only 2,500 US troops will be left in Afghanistan after the active Trump organization requested a quickened withdrawal of troops.

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