Indo-Pacific Geopolitical Developments and Rise of China

Image source: DRaS

With the conclusion of the 24th Edition of the Malabar Exercise, last November 2020 India put forward a clear message of a “free, open, inclusive Indo-Pacific as well as rules-based international order”. Though New Delhi has always refrained from colouring its Indo-Pacific Vision with the rise of Chinese presence in the littoral states of the Indo-Pacific, it is clear that with Australia joining the Malabar Exercise along with Japan and the U.S, is reflective of a growing power struggle with China in the hotbed of Indian Ocean.

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Upamanyu Basu

Upamanyu Basu, the Research Associate under training at DRaS, did his graduation and Masters in political science. He has presented and published his papers in various academic forums. His research interests are focussed on conflicts, south Asia, gender equality and war.

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