Tackling different battles at a time: India in the present situation

COVID-19 screening in India/ Image: Bloomberg Quint

World Health Organization (WHO) has declared COVID-19 as ‘Pandemic’ with total death toll reaching to 7,500 including 3 deaths in India. As of March 17, India has over 135 infected persons with coronavirus, who are under treatment in various parts of the country. The situations are very serious. But it is not only the health conditions, but many other crises has also occurred due to which the outcome situations have gone uncontrollable.

State of the economy in the country is also not going fine. Share market have gone to a record low. Oil prices are increasing on daily basis. Value of Indian currency in comparison to U.S. dollar is in the worst nightmare situation. These all things have increased the risk for normal functioning of basic structure of trade and taxation. Weak banking infrastructure has already added a lot to it. Recent case of ‘Yes Bank’ is an example, why everything is not fine.

India’s capital city, Delhi has been subjected to extreme violence just after the visit of U.S. President. Around 54 people lost their lives in the riots. Many people are still in the hospital battling for life. The whole event was fully organised and happened to downgrade India’s global image. However, it’s a matter of investment that who was behind this but this has destroyed the future of many innocent people and there is losing trust in the common man.

Empty Delhi Metro Coaches/ Image: DW

Most of the regions in the country have experienced widespread rain with gusty winds in the past few days. Crops have destroyed, especially the wheat. This situation can go further impacting every household. The prices of mustard and potato, the most affected commodities, are likely to increase due to damage to crops. It has a hard hit on many families that depends on agriculture as around 61.5% of Indian population is survived over the agriculture.

Whole of the world is facing severe threats of COVID-19 outbreak. After China, which has the maximum death numbers (3250), the whole of Italy is in a lockdown state. Recently a satellite image of Iran has revealed a mass burial site, where people who have died due to corona are been buried. The U.S. has already declared a state emergency, even though it was preparing for the presidential elections.

World economy was performing not so well before COVID-19, however situations were not very much alarming. But after the entry of this uninvited guest, the whole of the scenario has been changed. It has been estimated that COVID-19 would give a loss of USD 2.7 trillion to the world economy. It can go further, turning into a global recession.

Sectors like travel and tourism have also been hit and related to this is civil aviation which will get affected because of flight cancellations and visa restrictions. If the situation deteriorates in India, and there are lockdowns in parts of the country, there could be a major disruption in the domestic economic activity in the country.

Taj Mahal closes to the public amid coronavirus outbreak/ Image: New York Post

Trade with China which exports telecom instruments, electronic components, computer hardware and peripherals, industrial machinery and organic chemicals has already been affected. Of immediate concern has been the issue of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) that India imports to make medicines. It will impact the whole health system. Various other diseases would become problematic as there will shortage in their medicines.

India may get out from this COVID19 very soon but strict measures are required to be taken to revive the state of the economy. As the economy is the back bone of any nation’s growth. Delhi like situations can occur anywhere at any time. Government must take strict actions to deal this and also ensure that such kind of things does not repeat. A deterrence is required to be created along those who destroy the public property and create nescience in the society.

India has performed much well till now in comparison to many other countries. It has self quarantined itself. No new visas are been issued. Schools, Colleges and Universities are been shut down. Working professionals are working from their home. People are brought home from various parts of the world. These rescue missions are unique in itself as no other country is this much focused to get their citizens back.

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