BIMSTEC summit 2018: Modi focuses on anti-terror and regional connectivity

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BIMSTEC was initiative taken up 7 nations of South East Asia namely, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal and Thailand with 14 sectoral principles which out enhance trade and economic growth in between these countries. The 14 objectives is a way of keeping a constant collaboration and mutual assistance in the economic, social, technical and scientific field of common interest shared by the 7 nations. The 4th BIMSTEC Summit, 2018 organized in Nepal was attended by the Prime Minister himself, and he focused on how emerging democracies have become targets for terrorist organizations. He also mentioned of hosting a BIMSTEC Summit completely for ‘narcotics’ related issues which have also become a major concern in the South Asia and South East Asia region.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also remarked on how the objectives set up the BIMSTEC can be channelized through the North Eastern states in India, and that the region not only provides for establishments and advancements but the ecological diversity will maintain a balance between the two. He also stressed how each country of the BIMSTEC has ‘suffered’ from terrorism and inter-state crimes such as drug trafficking, urging the nations to take this issue as a priority goal. The Bay of Bengal also provides a platform where the ‘Neighbourhood First’ and ‘Act East Policy’ are at work. The network created through the Bay of Bengal and the Northeastern states will help in creating an economic doorway, enhancing better technology inventions and connectivity.

After the BIMSTEC meet, the Prime Minister had met the Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and the two leaders talked about the developments in their bilateral relations since May 2018. The BIMSTEC Summit, as remarked by Modi is a way of showing that India respects its neighbourhood and that the commitment of continuing the relationship will continue in South East Asia.



*Arijita Sinha Roy is a Research Intern at The Kootneeti

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Arijita Sinha Roy

Arijita Sinha Roy is a former Associate Editor at The Kootneeti.

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