North Korean Labourers on Russian Soil?

North Koreans in Russia Work ‘basically in the situation of slaves’: Reports/The Independent

The world faced a shock wave when Trump and Kim had met and made negotiations on the matter of denuclearization, but that wasn’t all on the part of the superpowers as Russian government had allowed thousands of North Koreans to work in the country. The new development has been viewed as a violation of the United Nation sanctions, which aims at reducing cash flow in North Korea thereby forcing the country to give up its nuclear weapons. The sanction aims at reducing foreign income as these incomes end up in Kim Jong Un’s office.

However, a report released by the Labour Ministry states that over 10,000 new North Koreans have registered since September and that 700 workers were given their permission to work. The report of the whole situation was released by the Wall Street Journal and went viral since then. Russia’s Ambassador to North Korea, Alexander Matsegora denied all the allegations and mentioned that it was not violating any of the UN sanctions imposed on the country and that no new workers have been given permit post-sanction period. The workers that hail from North Korea are the ones who have been working in Russia as part of old contracts. The whole situation raises a threat to the neighbouring nations as estimated, the North Korean labourers in Russia are contributing around $150 million-$300 million dollars.

The new allegations again on Russia bothered the United States and a US State Department Spokesperson mentioned that Russia can do more as it wants better relations with the US. However, the US wants an ally which works for them and not against the principles and policies of the country. The spokesperson also talked about how the whole situation of compromising the UN sanction effect the Russian administration.

Amidst all the chaos concerning the nations, no comments have been made by Kim Jong Un’s government.



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