Guardiola: It is a great injustice that they compare us with ETA or The kale borroka

The Catalan coach Pep Guardiola has once again came in defence to the Catalan Separatist Movement after so much chaos happened in Catalonia and the detention of ex-president Carles Puigdemont. The coach of Manchester City consider that, “it’s a great injustice that they compare those Catalans with ETA or kale borroka.”

“Puigdemont? I, like other people, neither wish any bad for others nor for their family. All what we, the 7 million people, have just came out in the streets and did a peaceful protests”, said Guardiola in the press conference before the match against The Everton in Premier League.

“When they said that we do violence, they are completely wrong. You can agree or cannot agree”; I think that it is a great injustice that they compare us with ETA or the kale borroka”, added to the cause of discomfort, expressed in the streets of Catalonia and that have generated some types of comparisons from different sectors.

“This is very easy- continued Pep-“only we have to see, what happened on 1st October. The photograph, the videos, doesn’t cheat. A year ago it could cheat but not now. All those messages, from the president Puigdemont, the vice president Junqueras, the president of ANC, the president of Omnium. All these people have said everything through pacifism and expressing the vote at the polls. That’s why it is injustice; you can agree with me or not, but there are photos and videos”, said Pep in a press conference.

The coach of the City, who wore this Friday again the controversial Yellow ribbon, was fined £ 20,000 (18, 27,389.51 INR) on 9th March for contravening the norms of The Football Association (FA) for displaying the ‘political message’ in his jersey ‘especially the yellow ribbon’.

The coach of Manchester City consider that, “it’s a great injustice that they compare those Catalans with ETA or kale borroka. | Image:

The yellow ribbon has become a symbol of protest for reclaiming the liberty and freedom of ‘The Jordis’- Jordi Sánchez and Jordi Cuixart, who are in prison since 4 months, and freedom of Joaquim Forn and Oriol Junqueras who are in jail since 2nd Novemeber and also the other five members of the Government of Catalonia, who were jailed last week.

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The yellow ribbon, so far, has provoked a controversy in England and the president of FA had to apologize for comparing the ribbon with the ‘star of David, The Sickle and The Hammer and The Swastika symbol of Nazi.”

Later after Pep’s press conference has created huge stir in the country. Meanwhile Spain’s Home Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido had said that he didn’t want to enter into any controversy with the coach but according to his point of view “harassing judges, journalists, police and anyone who does not commune with independence is violence.” He also added, “Trying to impose exclusive project to half of the population for the brave ones is not democratic.”

Meanwhile who says what but it has been proved the detention of Carles Puigdemont has created a huge stir in the country and many celebrities and intellectuals are coming in the defence of ex-president. But we can see after the arrest of Puigdemont and his associates has somehow made the movement feeble.



Source: Reuters, BBC
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