Twiplomacy Episode 1: What twitter says on Modi’s Palestine Visit

Social media has changed all aspects of life, including the conduct of international relations. Diplomacy is being mutated by this revolution each day, more precisely by each tweet. Though we have heaps of social media options in this internet era, due to its near ubiquity, it has become common to overlook just how crucial Twitter and Tweets have become to the public work of international diplomacy, used for both outreach and propaganda. In other words, it is now redefining the concept of ‘Public Diplomacy’. Twelve years after the launching Twitter, today it has become the most sought media tool by the world leaders from Trump to Khamenei, and Modi to Netanyahu, for this craft. Digital Diplomacy in general and Twiplomacy in particular greatly assist in projecting a leader or a state’s foreign policy positions to their domestic and international audiences. Twiplomacy has made this community of audience to participate in – not be mere bystanders – making and execution of foreign policy. In other words, it has reduced barriers between policymakers and beneficiaries.

Narendra Modi has arrived in the city of Ramallah on a landmark visit – the first ever by an Indian prime minister – that Palestinian leaders have hailed as “historic”.

After holding talks with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Prime Minister Modi said India hoped to see an independent Palestinian state through dialogue.

Earlier he met Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah and visited the Yasser Arafat Museum where he laid a wreath.

Twitter showed mixed reaction to this visit, let’s take a look

The series of tweets started with the opposition bashing and terming this move as an appeasement policy to the rich Muslim nations like UAE.

There were voices from the neighbour Pakistan in which a chunk of population rising their demands for extending diplomatic relations to Israel, which currently, Pakistan do not have.


We found a hilarious tweet digging on PM Modi’s foreign visits, and proposing for making Netflix series on every visit.


On the contrary, someone defended the visits, terming it as a “World Leader”

However, a ‘Free Thinker’ termed this visit as betrayal to Israel

And we found that a lot of people are wandering on Twitter with the ideology of the ‘Free Thinker’


Scrolling ahead we found Modi Fans were in the search of Liberals who objected his Israel visit


Patriots also condemned his Palestine visit

Some twitter ‘Journalist’ termed this as “Hit and Run foreign policy”

Some Conspiracy creators compared the deaths of Yasir Arafat and Justice Loya


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