Covid Positivism and Philosophers’ Vow of Silence

Covid-19 has shocked the 21st-century human so intensely that its effects may remain fresh in the mind for generations. Since the very first day of the epidemic, which quickly and over a few months turned into a pandemic, many misconceptions and misinformation have been circling around in formal and informal sources from its being manmade theories to the biologic–political objectives of its creators. However, scientists almost decisively, though still a work in progress, concluded that the virus was transferred from bat to pangolin (scaly anteaters) and then to humans.

The news, overlooked and overshadowed by the news of outbreak and surge of its death toll, affected the academic circles so strongly that many biologists and ecologists around the world found it the lesson the rebellious 21st-century man was taught by the nature.
While many may regard this position in relation to humans’ disregard for various forms of science, including biology, the objection of the scientists are primarily aimed at violating animals’ bio-territory and the 100-million-dollar market of wildlife smuggling for consumption purposes that makes it one of the largest organized crimes in the world, ironically including Pangolin in its bloody list.

In the meantime, different traditions throughout the world offered their delusive remedies to cure the disease marked the last attempts of anti-scientists to diminish the significance of what was happening, i.e. the Covid-19 pandemic, albeit to little response from the public.

This may have been, in part, due to timely action of the mainstream media in informing the public, but also due to high awareness of the modern man about the seriousness of scientific events such as the universal outbreak of a disease. The general public all around the world are aware of this intangible yet evident fact that laws of nature are so self-evident and self-explanatory that living without taking them into consideration is unimaginable.

Covid positivism may not be the last nail of knowledge on the coffin of ignorance and this eternal dispute may continue forever. However, the silence of philosophers in the face of absolute monism of the extremists is notable and indicative of this painful truth of the 21st century that not only they are not offering a logical and citable response but also they have been inactive, and even sometimes stood by anti-scientists in spreading false nonsense.

The damages this will cause may not affect the current generation but the future ones may have to pay for it at the expense of nature unless an impartial messiah comes to the rescue and erases this contradiction between philosophical monism and dualism that has been harming the nature and the science alike.

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Masoud Lahout

Masoud Lahout is a wildlife ecologist and conservation biologist.

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