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The ‘Kootneeti’ is a Sanskrit word for Diplomacy.

The Kootneeti is an imprint of Kootneeti Mediaworks Private Limited. The publication intends to promote International Relations in India with readerships in English, Spanish & Hindi.

Who we are

We are a privately owned, New Delhi based Organisation. Areas of our publications include Indian Diplomacy, Geopolitics, Cultural Diplomacy, Economy, Global Elections, Environment & SDGs by the United Nations.

We offer our readership in English, Spanish & Hindi.

Sources of Funding

We are a ‘For Profit’ Organisation. Which sustain on its own business model based on customised publications. Our parent organisation is an Indian Non-Government Company. It’s a private company and is classified as ‘company limited by shares’. Click here to know more about Funding and ownership details


The Kootneeti is Co-founded by Amrita Dhillon. She’s a renowned scholar on International Relations, with prior experience of working with UNDP. Amrita is currently an Honourary Analyst at Equilibrium Global, a Buenos Aires-based Think Tanks and Bucharest-based Defense Romania. She’s also part of initiatives committed to the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations.

Our Team

We’re not just a bunch of people with technology on fingertips and metal music on our head. We are creative, imaginary & mad. Our clients seek us out for that reason. We are among the first choices by the readers who seek to explore different areas of International Relations in India. Work can’t be more fun than what we do at The Kootneeti. Click here to know more about Editorial Team and Editorial Policies

Our team includes professionals with vast experience in Journalism, Academics & International Organisations.

Our Vision

It all starts with a vision with unique ideas which we further work on to create the out-of-box content. The belief of better communication over miles of distance, we are connecting countries. We are connecting the world, the world of diplomacy.

Our Presence

We’re everywhere, We’re truly global, with far fetch readership we are feeling more connected to the world. we hope to fly high in the open and independent sky like the mighty Sixth Eagle

We are available on all major Social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube in all the three languages discussed above. Our everyday work brings more International Relations enthusiasts to our website. We are also launching our podcast channel soon via Apple Podcast

Our Readerbase shows our journey 


The company is founded by a group of publishing professionals & Scholars of International Relations, who are dedicated to publishing the best in various topical areas of diplomacy for the scholarly and professional communities worldwide.

At The Kootneeti, we believe in delivering quality content in the committed time frame, at reasonable resources with competitive remuneration and aggressive marketing. We believe in leveraging the latest publishing technology to deliver quality products and services for the benefit of our customers and partners. With professionals having good publishing experience, we understand and anticipate the needs of authors, librarians and book distribution partners, and we continuously challenge ourselves to provide the highest level of content and services.

What We Do

Our business model is client service minded, as our clients are diplomatic missions in India and government organisations, where we can’t afford to make any mistakes. We focus on doing the job right the 1st time and with dependable logistics, we place your printing in your hands as promised.

Our Mission

To deliver excellence in the field of International Relations and Diplomacy to the masses from all the sectors, we reach out at the students who are preparing for the foreign services and seeking other international opportunities, providing high end research to the professionals looking to expand their trade globally and people who’re enthusiastic about the Foreign Policy & Diplomacy.

  • Passion for Excellence – we challenge ourselves to excel in all aspects of publishing and most importantly, we enjoy what we are doing.
  • Client Oriented – we are committed to providing superior products and services at the highest level of quality and professionalism.
  • Our People – we treat our employees as individuals and we empower them to realize their full potential and contribution. We believe in open communication and share our success with everyone in the organization.
  • Innovation & Technology – we actively encourage a culture of innovation, which facilitates the development of new technologies and ensures a high-quality product.
  • Partnership – our market is global and we believe in the power of partnership with International Universities and other educational institutions to meet our common objectives. Our current partners include Think Tanks & Media houses around the globe. For more read here



We utilize our network of digital and offset presses to provide cost-effective, high-quality:

  • Coffee Table books for Diplomatic Missions and Governments
  • Customised Newsletter promotions
  • Bilateral/Multilateral Publications
  • Event Coverage for Diplomatic Missions and Government bodies

What sets us apart from our competitors are:

  • We are independently owned and managed by publishers and academics, not financial investors. We take a long-term view of our decisions rather than focusing on short-term financial gains.
  • We believe in continuous and dedicated marketing for as long as the content is relevant and we are in continuous consultation with the research and professional communities to influence our direction.
  • We take pride in our efficiency and professionalism in the ever-changing needs of our authors, societies, booksellers, librarians and end-users.

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