Nationalism: Definition and Tenants

Nationalism is a political, social, and economic ideology that emphasizes the interests and cultural identity of a particular nation. Nationalism is often associated with the belief that a nation should be self-governed and that its people should have the right to determine their own political and economic destiny.

Nationalism can take many forms, from civic nationalism, which emphasizes the rights and duties of citizenship, to ethnic nationalism, which emphasizes the common ancestry, culture, and language of a particular group. Nationalism can also be based on religion, territory, or other factors.

Nationalism can be a powerful force for unifying a nation and for promoting economic and social development. However, it can also be a divisive force, as it can lead to conflicts with other nations and to the suppression of minority groups within a nation. Nationalism has also been used to justify imperialism and aggressive foreign policies, and it has played a role in many conflicts throughout history.

Tenants of Nationalism

The tenants of nationalism can vary depending on the specific form of nationalism in question. However, some common tenants of nationalism include:

  • Self-determination: The belief that a nation should have the right to govern itself and to determine its own political and economic destiny.
  • Sovereignty: The idea that a nation has the right to be independent and to have control over its own affairs.
  • Unity: The belief that a nation should be united and that its people should have a shared identity and sense of belonging.
  • Culture: The belief that a nation has a unique culture that should be preserved and promoted.
  • Identity: The idea that a nation has a distinct identity that sets it apart from other nations.
  • Pride: A sense of pride in one’s nation and its achievements.
  • Patriotism: Loyalty to one’s nation and a willingness to defend it.

Not all forms of nationalism include all of these tenants, and some forms of nationalism may emphasize certain tenants more than others.

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